ArchLinux Package Reviews

This is part of the ap­pli­ca­tions col­lec­tion.


A while ago to ease my tran­si­tions from sys­tem to sys­tem, be­fore I de­cided to use a fully fledged con­fig­u­ra­tion man­ager and pug(my fork of the AUR one adapted to be used on mul­ti­ple sys­tems), I started com­mit­ting a list of pack­ages I keep.

It turns out that git is re­ally well suited to putting one line re­views so I guess I’ll just start with them.


This I in­stalled to get pp to work prop­erly. Turns out I re­ally did­n’t need pp but as­ymp­tote is a pretty neat vec­tor graph­ics lan­guage so I’ll keep it.

Firefox Nightly

This is a no brainer. For a long time I re­fused to switch away from waterfox be­cause I re­ally needed some of the de­pre­ci­ated XUL ad­dons, like FlashGot for my IDM in­te­gra­tion.

Eventually I learned to live with uGet.

Gnome Sudoku

I don’t ac­tu­ally play su­doku, also un­like the mo­bile ver­sions there is no way to keep notes so I guess this is a miss.

Gnome Twitch

Honestly the gnome ver­sions of things are just sort of neat.


This is a build re­quire­ment for sphin­x­docs amongst other things.


Useful lit­tle tool for check­ing what’s hog­ging my data.

Jupyter Notebook

I hate jupyter-note­books and every­thing they en­tail. Python must die. Sadly a lot of things are dis­trib­uted ONLY as jupyter note­books. Needed to even con­vert the .ipynb files to a more read­able .py for­mat.


This is like a souped up hub for git­lab.


Better than lo­cate.


Works best with a VPN and prox­y­chains-ng.


This was a fail­ure. There seem to be noth­ing but pe­dos on the pub­lic server. Deleted with prej­u­dice.


Sadly nec­es­sary.


Transparent proxy server that works as a poor man’s VPN. Forwards over ssh. Doesn’t re­quire ad­min. I never need this. Usually re­verse prox­ies over ssh work well enough.


The Haskell Tool Stack. `nuff said.

A life­saver.


Weirdly I bought this for my google hang­outs needs.


Another trans­par­ent proxy thing. Never got the hang of it. Proxychains is bet­ter.


FOSS over IDM!

uGet Integrator

Another rea­son to stick to stan­dard browsers.


Installed this for try­ing to work with net­work streams, but mpv with smplayer is much bet­ter.