Partial shift to ox-hugo

This is part of the ar­ti­cles col­lec­tion.

This is about a new site which will have some of my thoughts.


I re­ally like this site I built. For a very long time I thought I would never need an­other. It is ac­tu­ally some­thing I like so much it is still on my CV.


Honestly I have mostly made an­other site be­cause I re­cently came across on the open mar­ket and snapped it up. I have been look­ing for a place to put more ram­bling thoughts or shorter posts and I think it’d help to have some­thing un­der my own name too. The scope of this new pro­ject is bet­ter de­scribed there any­way.

The main rea­son for it is just the ease of us­age of­fered by ox-hugo. The sin­gle file mul­ti­ple post sys­tem is just re­ally neat, and is some­thing I can­not re­ally set up with met­al­smith with­out a whole lot of trou­ble.

Moving for­ward, I do in­tend to keep this site up and run­ning, es­pe­cially since I feel like the ref­er­enc­ing sys­tem is re­ally neat, but I might mi­grate some other things off. Mostly I think it’d be nice to have col­lec­tions here, which are more aca­d­e­mic in na­ture, and any and every other kind of post might just be on the new place.


This is ac­tu­ally a good ex­am­ple of a post I re­ally should­n’t have here, but well. Last time. Is there any sig­nif­i­cance of this hap­pen­ing on Valentines Day? Well, maybe I just like lin­ing up all my end­ings in a row.