This is part of the ar­ti­cles col­lec­tion.


Implemented here via the metalsmith-mathjax plu­gin.

  • Typically con­sid­ered slower to load than KaTeX
  • Adding mathjax: true to the meta­data will pre­ren­der math to svg
  • Prerendering is fast but in­creases the page size sig­nif­i­cantly


Implemented here via CDN scripts.

  • Loads faster than MathJax
  • Consists of a sub­set of TeX (typically enough to use)
  • Implemented here by adding katex: true to the meta­data
  • However, this in­cludes a mul­ti­tude of fonts
  • Overall size is not much re­duced for sites with less equa­tions


For the same doc­u­ment, the de­tails are:

EnginePage Size (kB)JS Load (kB)Font Load (kB)Total (kB)Time (ms)DOM (ms)
KaTeX~10ka­tex.min.js (54.7) auto-ren­der (3.8)121.3189.8535403


  • Lots of equa­tions, use KaTeX
  • Else use MathJaX